Retiro Educacional EN


Welcome Alchemist To The Call!! 🍄🧙‍♂️🌱

It is a great happiness for us to be able to share with you all our knowledge throughout these years about this wonderful world of fungi, we have created for you an educational and experiential sensory retreat on the world of mushrooms.

You will learn how to grow, harvest and store your own mushrooms 🍄

Discover our deep connection to the mushroom kingdom 👑

You will understand how to easily create a mushroom growing environment anywhere in the world 🌍

You will practice with the professionals to start growing your mushrooms with confidence, intention and purpose.

You will create your own Natural Alchemist boutique 🍄🌱

You will live a unique foraging experience in the magic of the forest where you will collect and learn about the mushrooms that surround you and how they can be your survival food.

You will live a unique experience of Connection, Exploration and Fungal Education 🎓

You will live different sensory expectations that will awaken all your senses

And so you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience, we have different options so you can be a real mushroom grower 🍄

👨🏻‍🎓 In-person Course 1 Day In Group = 

1,200,000 Colombian Peso

300 USD 

For this you must reserve a date in advance

👨🏻‍🎓 Online Course 3 Days = 

1,000,000 Colombian Peso

250 USD

For this you must reserve a date in advance

👨🏻‍🎓 On-site Sensory Retreat Course In Guatape 3 Days = 1,999,000 Colombian Peso 

500 USD

Our next face-to-face retreat will be September 22,23,24


🍄You must pay 50% to separate your quota and 50% 3 days before attending the course 🍄


✨You should keep in mind that after you reserve your place, we must buy all the necessary materials for your training, therefore no refund is made ✨